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Neurotherapy enhances your muscular abilities and reduces pain by resetting your brain waves and neurological function. The experts at Priority Medical Group in Tucson, Arizona, routinely use neurotherapy to improve patients’ athletic performances and get them back to the activities they enjoy the most. Learn more about how neurotherapy works by scheduling a consultation over the phone or online at Priority Medical Group today.

What is neurotherapy?

Neurotherapy is a treatment that can benefit individuals of all ages experiencing musculoskeletal pain or dysfunction. Surprisingly, neurotherapy does not work directly with your muscles and joints like other treatments with similar benefits. Instead, it trains your brain to normalize its brain wave patterns in order to reduce pain and improve neuromuscular function. 

Priority Medical Group offers neurotherapy using NEUBIE®, an FDA-cleared device that works as part of the NeuFit® method. NEUBIE is an electrical device that stimulates neurons in areas where you experience musculoskeletal pain or limitations in your mobility. 

NEUBIE maps your body and can locate the precise area where pain originates. Combining manual therapy with neurological stimulation, NeuFit helps to re-educate your body back to its baseline function and pain levels. The treatment also improves your strength and range of motion. 

Should I consider neurotherapy?

Neurotherapy may benefit you if you experience prolonged musculoskeletal pain and limited mobility. Whether your symptoms come from an athletic injury or long-term poor control over your muscle movements, such as poor posture, neurotherapy with NeuFit offers the improvements you want to see. 

Your provider at Priority Medical Group reviews your medical history and asks for details about your symptoms before recommending neurotherapy as part of your treatment plan. 

What are the benefits I can get from neurotherapy?

Neurotherapy offers major benefits for the health and wellness of your musculoskeletal system. After an injury, you’re left with pain, stiffness, and other symptoms that can get in the way of your day-to-day enjoyment of life and participation in various activities. With neurotherapy, you can:

Rehabilitate the injury

Neurotherapy optimizes the function of your muscles and increases blood flow to the injured region so you can return to your typical level of activity.

Reduce pain

Reducing pain from a musculoskeletal injury is one of neurotherapy’s most powerful benefits. The NeuFit system helps you find out exactly where the pain is coming from so you can hone in on the source and treat it effectively. 

Improve performance

Neurotherapy helps you improve your athletic performance regardless of your starting point. Through neurological re-education with NEUBIE, your muscles become more pliable and are better able to absorb force. 

To find out if neurotherapy can benefit you, call Priority Medical Group or schedule an appointment online today.

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